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September passive income update: Crypto airdrop leads to a new record month!

September passive income update: Crypto airdrop leads to a new record month!

Hello fellow financial freedom seekers! September was a surprising month. An airdrop by Uniswap contributed to boost my passive income by almost 1400€. I can live with that! Else the markets have been moderately down, while still looking bullish on the mid-term frame.

September Recap

Amount Invested/Withdrawn
In August I cashed out 1893€ from my investments, to cover some extra costs. This is one of the first times I cashed out anything, which feels pretty weird 🙂

Portfolio Value
Because of the decrease in the markets, my portfolio is now worth 56536€ down 7059€ from 63595 € at the end of August (after 5 months of steady increase I’m ok with that). That’s 56,54% of my third value goal of 100.000€.

Monthly income
In September, the income from investments was 2605€, that’s 130% of my third monthly goal of 2000€ per month!! As I mentioned above, this is due to an airdrop from Uniswap (a decentralized exchange). This was a one time airdrop, so it will not affect my future income. I expect the income of coming months to hover more closely to 1000€.

Overview of investments

Fast Invest01339
Earn ETH359488
Earn CRO104826275
Earn TUSD614718
Celo Gold3877
Near Protocol01200

Important updates

A couple of updates for September:
– As you see from the table above, CRO has performed amazingly in September. This is due to the Syndicate events of the Crypto.com exchange where you can buy selected cryptos at 50% discount.
– After receiving the Uniswap token, I can now start earning on it at Bitrue.com (5,3%)
– In October I’ll be able to start staking the Near Protocol token that I invested in August.

Services I use:

Crypto.com to earn interest on my ETH (5,5%), CRO (20%) & TUSD (12%).
Bitrue.com to earn interest on my ADA (7%).
Fast Invest for my € peer to peer lending (12,9%). (As I mentioned I’m removing my investment from this service)
Binance for all my other crypto trading
Nexo.io to earn interest on € (8%)

Special offers

If you decide to download the Crypto.com app, you can use my code when you signup, you will get 50$ if you stake 1000CRO:
Code: yfwxp0ygjq

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