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Portfolio Update – October 2019 – down 41% since May!

Portfolio Update – October 2019 – down 41% since May!

Hello fellow financial freedom seekers! Here is my third portfolio update! In May, after a great increase in the crypto markets, I noted that I didn’t expect this kind of growth in the subsequent months. Well, my portfolio has steadily been going down since May.

September Activity

In September, I only invested 66 $ / 60 €. Because of the decrease since May, the total value of my portfolio is now 11688 € , down 8003 € from May, ouch!!! A couple of developments since May:

  1. I moved my Ada to Bitrue to start earning interest in ADA thanks to their power piggy feature. With this, I earn around 7% p.a on my Ada.
  2. I moved my ETH from Blockfi to Crypto.com Earn where I earn 8% on my ETH.
  3. Crypto.com EARN changed the conditions for my MCO stake, meaning I earn around 7% in interest on it, and around 18% p.a on my CRO.
Cardano (ADA)17192924
Crypo.com Earn (ETH) 27414574
Crypto.com Earn (MCO)2201852
Crypto.com Earn (CRO)30626
Fast Invest1201440
Celsius Network & Other20218
Total83 €60 €11663 €

Portfolio Value (€) Chart


Income from my investment in September reached 83 € , that’s 4,28% of my first goal of 2000 € per month.


Well, it’s been some painful months after the May increase, but the fundamentals of the space still haven’t changed, so I believe these numbers will go up significantly in the next 1-2 years.

A couple of things I look forward to:

  1. Cardano will release Shelley, their proof of stake version of Cardano on their mainnet in Q1 2020, making the network decentralized and more effective than Bitcoin or Ethereum.
  2. Crypto.com will release their visa card in Europe in Q4 2019.

That’s it for now!

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