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Portfolio Update May 2019

Portfolio Update May 2019

Hello fellow financial freedom seekers! Here is my second portfolio update! This month has been very interesting in terms of the growth in the cryptocurrencies space. I do not expect every month to carry the same kind of growth, and this happens on the back of a year 2018 with a strong decline. In other words, investing in a portfolio similar to mine will absolutely not guarantee you the same results. I am however optimistic for future growth.

April Activity

In May, I managed to invest 936 $ / 837 €. Because of the great month for crypto, the total value of my portfolio is now 19691 € , up over 6800€ from last month! I also moved the “Crypto Invest” part of my Crypto.com portfolio to buy MCO tokens which give a monthly CRO airdrop, and are providing a great return.

Cardano (ADA)050 €115%6348 €
Blockfi (ETH) 25 €148 €161%6557 €
Crypto.com Wallet 192 €**750 €61%5357 €
Crypto.com Invest0-522 €48%0 €
Fast Invest11 €373 €1.73%1388 €
Nexo0.2 €41 €041 €
Total235 €837 €19691 €

*Read about XIRR
** The income on Crypto.com wallet is an “airdrop” that is locked for one year. I’ve debated with myself about how to include this, but for now will include it here since it’s easier to track that way. This airdrop will last for another 53 months.

Portfolio Value (€) Chart


Income from my investment in May reached 235 € , that’s 11,75% of my first goal of 2000 € per month.


If you are new to the whole world of blockchain & cryptocurrencies, I understand that a lot of the terms employed here will sound like gibberish. I will use the next months and blog posts to review some of the projects I’ve invested in, the platforms I use and the fundamentals of the space.

That’s it for now!

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