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March update – Markets die, I survive

March update – Markets die, I survive

Well that was unexpected! After the beginning of the bull run in January and February, all of the world markets collapsed due to the corona crisis. It feels crazy to experience a financial event of that magnitude.

Luckily the markets bounced again, and a good portion of my portfolio is in interest bearing USD pegged stablecoins (which don’t fluctuate with the market). This means my monthly interest has continued to increase, even though the total value of the portfolio has gone done and is now under my goal number 1 (25.000€) again .

March activity

In Feburary I invested 443€.

Portfolio Value
Because of the decrease in the markets, my portfolio is now worth 22350€ down from 25765 € at the end of December. That’s 89,4% of my first value goal.

Monthly income/interest
In March, my income from investments was 301€, that’s 60,2% of my first monthly goal of 500€ per month. It’s my best month so far since March 2019!! Yay! It’s also a jump of over 100€ from February!

Overview of investments

InvestmentInterestValueMRA %*
Fast Invest20144118,99%
Earn ETH1135534,07%
Earn MCO1733257,90%
Earn CRO1342940 47,59%
Earn TUSD72753812,08%
*MRA% = (Monthly Return Amount*100/Amount invested*12)
This helps me to see the monthly income vs the amount invested.

Important update

A couple of updates for March:
– As you see from the table above, CRO has been performing quite nicely in March. This is due to the Syndicate events of the Crypto.com exchange where you can buy selected cryptos at 50% discount.

Services I use:

Crypto.com to earn interest on my ETH (4%), MCO (8%), CRO (20%) & TUSD (12%).
Bitrue.com to earn interest on my ADA (6.3%).
4c Trading for my trading bot.
Fast Invest for my € peer to peer lending (12,9%).
Binance for all my other crypto trading (the trading bot also connects to Binance through API)
Nexo.io to earn interest on € (8%)

Special offers

If you decide to download the Crypto.com app, you can use my code when you signup, you will get 50$ if you stake 50MCO:
Code: yfwxp0ygjq


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