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I almost doubled my first passive income goal!

I almost doubled my first passive income goal!

Hi fellow financial freedom friends! After a great month of April, May has followed with another personal record for passive income. This is due to the continued increase in the cryptomarkets.

May Recap

Amount Invested
In May I invested 496€. The most of this was invested in Cardano (ADA) since we are approaching the launch of the Shelley release (end of July beginning of August) and I believe it will perform quite nicely in the months to come.

Portfolio Value
Because of the increase in the markets, my portfolio is now worth 39697€ up from 32822 € at the end of April. That’s 158% of my first value goal and a 6875€ increase in a month! Since I now have 2 months above 25.000€, I am adjusting my value goal to 50.000€.

Monthly income
In May, the income from investments was 903€, that’s 180% of my first monthly goal of 500€ per month!! Once again it’s my best month so far! I only thought I would reach this goal by the end of 2020, so I’m 6 months in advance on my goals. Since this is the second month over 500€, I will increase my income goal to 1000€ per month.

Overview of investments

InvestmentIncomeValueMRA %*
Fast Invest12145710,79%
Earn ETH2363268,69%
Earn MCO26374912,09%
Earn CRO54913243 85,21%
Earn TUSD54497914,47%
Celo Gold132588594,40%
*MRA% = (Monthly Return Amount*100/Amount invested*12)
This helps me to see the monthly income vs the amount invested.

Important updates

A couple of updates for May:
– As you see from the table above, CRO has been again performing amazingly in May. This is due to the Syndicate events of the Crypto.com exchange where you can buy selected cryptos at 50% discount. After following Crypto.com the last years I really believe this will be one of the biggest players worldwide in the cryptospace.
– The Coinlist auction for Celo Gold went really well and for 291$ invested, it is already worth 588$, being my best performing asset in May.

Services I use:

Crypto.com to earn interest on my ETH (5%), MCO (8%), CRO (20%) & TUSD (12%).
Bitrue.com to earn interest on my ADA (5.3%).
Fast Invest for my € peer to peer lending (12,9%). (As I mentioned I’m removing my investment from this service)
Binance for all my other crypto trading
Nexo.io to earn interest on € (8%)

Special offers

If you decide to download the Crypto.com app, you can use my code when you signup, you will get 50$ if you stake 50MCO:
Code: yfwxp0ygjq

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