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February Update – 1st value goal reached!

February Update – 1st value goal reached!

Hello fellow financial freedom seekers! February has been a great month in terms of value increase for my portfolio. So much so that I’m over 100% of the way to my value goal 1 of 25.000 €!

February activity

In Feburary I invested 2232€.

Portfolio Value
Because of the increase in the markets, my portfolio is now worth 25765€ up from 23017 € at the end of December and is now at over 100% of my first value goal!

Monthly income/interest
In February, my income from investments was 198€, that’s 39,6% of my first monthly goal of 500€ per month. It’s good to see a good jump from January to February.

Overview of investments

InvestmentInterestValueMRA %*
Smart USD Bot−1400
Fast Invest12142111,54%
Earn ETH1259794,05%
Earn MCO27336912,21%
Earn CRO683085 23,71%
Earn TUSD3269605,33%
*MRA% = (Monthly Return Amount*100/Amount invested*12)
This helps me to see the monthly income vs the amount invested.

Important update

A couple of updates for February:
– I’ve decided to stop the smart usd bot for now. I was performing acceptably in the long run, but I couldn’t deal with the losing trades psychologically and started acting irrationally. I’d rather have interest generating products that guarantee income and don’t have losing trades.
– CRO has been performing quite nicely in February, thanks to the Syndicate events of the Crypto.com exchange.

Services I use:

Crypto.com to earn interest on my ETH (4%), MCO (8%), CRO (20%) & TUSD (12%).
Bitrue.com to earn interest on my ADA (6.3%).
4c Trading for my trading bot.
Fast Invest for my € peer to peer lending (12,9%).
Binance for all my other crypto trading (the trading bot also connects to Binance through API)
Nexo.io to earn interest on € (8%)

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