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An Introduction to My Investing Journey, My Portfolio and Investing Philosophy

An Introduction to My Investing Journey, My Portfolio and Investing Philosophy

Hello friends! Here is a little introduction to my investing journey and my current portfolio. I only started seriously looking into investment possibilities in early 2017. Before then most of my financial efforts were concentrated around saving enough money for the down-payment on a mortgage for a house. Since we bought a house last year. I have now started to concentrate my efforts into how to best invest at this season in life. I am currently 34 and have little money saved up. But I keep a relatively tight ship without being overly ascetic. I do enjoy my coffees…

Investment Story & Philosophy

As I am only a beginner in investing, I started looking into the different options available. Savings accounts were not an option as the rates were so low. So I started looking into stock index mutual funds, in Norway we have some good options with low fees and acceptable returns. However, since the amounts of money I was investing were neglectable, I also started looking into higher risk, higher return opportunities.

After some research, I downloaded Coinbase and investigated the opportunities connected to blockchain technologies. I am a very skeptical person by nature, but thought: “It’s worth the try.”

At the time, the two cryptos available on Coinbase were Bitcoin and Ethereum. I had heard of Bitcoin and was skeptical, but never of Ethereum. I did some basic research and started exploring the world of blockchain technologies. To cut a long story short I started buying Ethereum, and around the same time it shot up in value. I didn’t completely catch the wave nor did I want to risk too much but my humble portfolio quickly grew in value by 200%. In December 2017 all of crypto exploded.

However, in 2018, all of crypto imploded. This gave me the opportunity to lay aside some of the hype and research even more into the technology. I started comparing projects and ended up with only a few that I really believe in. I also investigated the possibilities connected to peer to peer lending and tested different platforms. Which brings us to today.

My philosophy is simple: I look for high quality projects that provide a good ratio of interest or dividends, whether cryptocurrencies, crowdlending, or peer to peer lending. Ideally the interest should be payed out monthly, and easily withdrawable. I also try to find a good combination of assets that both appreciate well and pay out interest at the same time.

My risk level is still relatively high, but I will adjust it down when my portfolio grows over 50.000$.

Portfolio Breakdown

As of April 2019, my portfolio is divided as follows:

I will write about each of the components in following posts, but a quick introduction:

“Ada” is my Cardano.

Blockfi.com is where I currently store my Ethereum, and earn interest on it.

Crypto.com Wallet and Crypto.com Invest are where I have MCO and CRO tokens that are earning “dividends”.

FastInvest is a peer to peer lending service.

Nexo and Celsius.Network are crypto lending and borrowing services that I am testing out.

Portfolio Value

As of 01.04.2019 my portfolio is worth just south of 15000$ ( 13301€)

As mentioned here my first goal is to reach 2000€ per month of interest. I’m still quite far from the goal but will update you at the end of each month with my progress update.

Thanks for reading and all the best in your own journey to financial freedom!


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