I’m journeying towards financial freedom.

Here’s the dream:


My goal with this blog is to document my journey towards financial freedom.

How do I define financial freedom?

Financial freedom is simply for me to make enough from my passive income to be able to cover all my expenses, while becoming 100% debt free.

  • Goal 1 is to reach 500€ passive monthly income from my investments. This will get me started and allow me to test different services and strategies. (Goal reached as of 30/04/2020)
  • Goal 2 is to reach 1000€ monthly income. This will help cover some of my monthly expenses, while being able to invest more aggressively and diversifying my portfolio.
  • Goal 3 is to reach 2000€ monthly income from my investments. At that level I will be much less dependent on my current work income, and can dedicate more time to my passions, while covering basic expenses and my mortgage.
  • Goal 4 is to reach 3500€ per month. At that level I can cover all my monthly expenses without any other income, and pay down aggressively on my mortgage while giving generously.
  • Goal 5, and the dream is 7000€ per month. At that level I can continue to give generously, cover my expenses, and pay down my debt at accelerated rate.
  • I aim at being debt free by 2030.

To be honest I currently have an average income, but have good control of my expenses. (Thanks YNAB). I try to invest my monthly savings in investments from which I can expect good returns. I never invest more than I can afford to lose. You can read some more about my investment journey and investing philosophy here.

  • Nothing in this blog is financial advice. I am documenting my own journey.
  • I am not in any way affiliated with the platforms that I will share about.
  • Many of the links on this blog are affiliate links. That means that should you decide to sign up for one of the platforms I am using, I might get a small commission, and you might get one too. It’s win/win!

Be blessed on your own journey to financial freedom.

About Me

I'm Paul, 34, husband, father of 3 and sharing my journey towards financial freedom. I'm a Christian, mid-level risk taker, and proud survivor of crypto-winter 2018 & 2019.

My Progress (01/10/2020)

Passive income goal 3: 2000€
-> 2605€ in Sept 2020 (130,25%)

Value goal 3: 100.000€
-> 56536€ in August 2020 (56,54%)

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