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2019 year end report, and plans for 2020

2019 year end report, and plans for 2020

Hello fellow financial freedom finders! I hope that you enjoyed a blessed financial year in 2019. Here is a summary of my year and a presentation of my plans in 2020.

Portfolio development:

– At the launch of this blog (01.04.2019), my portfolio was worth 13301 €.
– As of 31.12.2019 it was worth 15978 €. that’s 63% of my first portfolio value goal of 25.000 €.

As you can see from the graph below, there has been quite some fluctuation on the value, due mainly to the volatility of the crypto market.

– At the launch of the blog, my monthly income from the portfolio was of 182€.
– As of 31.12.2019, my monthly income from the portfolio was 109€, that’s 5,44% of my 2000€/month goal.

The downturn of the monthly income vs the increasing worth of the portfolio is mainly due to the downturn of the crypto market as a whole. In addition, when launching this blog, I was receiving a monthly airdop from Crypto.com which was later cancelled.

Best performing investment:
My best performing investment of 2019 was Fast Invest, since it is a Eur investment (hardly as volatile as crypto investments), and has been steadily earning around 12,9% p.a.

Plans and portfolio for 2020

My goal for 2020 is to end the year reaching my portfolio value of 25.000€ and 500€ in monthly income (25% of my first monthly goal of 2000€).

To achieve this, I am continuing to:
1. Invest monthly into diversified forms of interest earning products, mainly in the Crypto.com app.
2. Experiment with new ways of investing/earning monthly income. One of my current experiments is an algorithmic trading bot. I will keep you updated on the returns generated.

Portfolio composition:
As of 01.01.2019 my portfolio is composed of:
2783 € of Ada (Cardano) currently earning 5,3% in Bitrue.
1663€ in the Smart USD trading bot connected to my Binance account.
1397€ in Fast Invest.
3354€ of ETH earning 4% in Crypto.com
2688€ of MCO earning 6% in Crypto.com
629€ of CRO earning 10% in Crypto.com
3072€ of TUSD earning 12% in Crypto.com
101€ of BTR earning 15% on Bitrue
225€ earning 8% on Nexo

New 2020 Metrics
Since my portfolio is composed of both crypto and fiat investments, it has been hard to find a satisfactory metric to calculate the best performing one. As of 2020 I will introduce a new metric called Monthly Return %, which is calculated as following:

(Monthly Return Amount*100/Amount invested*12)

This will help me to compare the monthly returns of an investment according to how much I have invested. I will also use standard ROI, to see which has contributed in a best way to my value goal.

That’s about it! Have a great 2020 full of financial blessings and increase!

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